We are able to come to your site and speak on site on a variety of topics to improve your health. Topics available for your community or work group:

1. Back Care and Gardening
2. Ergonomic work site evaluation and lifting techniques
3. Nutrition
4. Starting an Exercise program
5. Weight Loss: The Safe and Sensible Way
6. Computer: Work station set up
7. Office Exercise program- Exercise while you work!
8. Sports Enhancement- Get the most out of your game
9. Ski Conditioning
10. Training Female athletes to prevent knee injuries
11. The Arthritis Strength program
12. Osteoporosis and Bone Strength Program
13. Balance and You: What you can do to improve your steadiness
14. Aging and Exercise
15. The Aging Athlete- how to keep at the top of your game

Agnes is able to arrange workshops at your place of employment or with your community organization. Contact us at 434. 361. 2650 for more information.