• The Latest and Greatest FREE App for 2015!

    It’s here, ready for 2015! THIS is the pill that actually works! As a society, we want the trendiest stuff whether it is the newest cell phone or exercise fad. The fitness industry is banking on your desire to be trendy. Just going back a few decades, there was Charles Atlas’s program, Jane Fonda “feel the burn”, Jazzercise, step aerobics, kick boxing, and Tae Bo and recently Zumba, heated Yoga, Cross Fit, Insanity work outs, weighted hoola hoops and even “lounge fitness” by Wii. Books, DVD, videos, and gadgets (abs toning belt!) are everywhere. These fads have existed since Confucious when he recommended combining veggies and protein and always keep ginger in your diet. In ancient Greece, Herodicus (considered a sports medicine doctor) advised to “exercise vigorously to maintain health.”

    Before rushing out to spend your well earner dollar, I remind you of the latest FREE APP for fitness and health. Your Mind. No device needed. FREE. And it is with you all the time. It may require some reprogramming but the wonderful aspect about the brain is just that- our thoughts shape not only how we think, perceive our surroundings, cope with stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate and improve health. Downloading YOUR MIND APP:

    1. Meditate ten minutes daily. Sit quietly and repeat in your mind “breath in, breath out”.
    2. Practice tall posture.
    3. Keep a food and exercise journal daily.
    4. Set goals for health or around the house. Complete the goals.
    5. Make conscious- not automatic decisions; pause before leaping into a choice.
    6. Be mindful about your actions.
    7. Write three things that you are grateful for in your journal daily.

    Try one of these at a time and gradually add to your training repertoire. It is more challenging than you imagine but the rewards will impact every aspect of your life. Wishing you wonderful health for 2015!

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