• Out with Old, In with the New

    At the end of the year, in the news and in newspapers, there is usually a segment or article that pertains to what’s old and out of fashion and what is new and hip for the New Year. It usually relates to clothes, movie stars, restaurants, gadgets and other categories. So what’s old and out of style in fitness and what is new and going to make us stronger with more energy? This is a really good question and this is a great time to assess your personal fitness program. Because each of us in unique, the answers are different for everyone.

    Where to start? First, examine the aspects of your program that you enjoy. Keep those and seek to adjust that portion to challenge yourself. For example, if you enjoy walking 30 minutes daily. Think about walking faster, monitoring your heart rate to ensure that you are exercising at the appropriate pace for maximum benefit. Try interval training. Secondly, write down what you don’t enjoy about your program or aspects that have been successful. Consult with a professional to obtain input about to change your program, add a class, or overcome barriers to exercise. We all need a coach to guide every now and then when we get sidetracked.

    These fitness assessments are vital to become knowledgeable about your physical capabilities in every stage of life just as you would assess your finances, perform car maintenance or home maintenance. You are ensuring that this one time gift of a body runs as well as you take care of it. It is always helpful to evaluate your exercise program whether you are starting to exercise or a lifelong exerciser. The body changes over time and it is important to fit the program with each individual and his/her needs and modify the exercises periodically so the body is challenged appropriately.

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