• Mindful Eating Retreat


    A 3 Day Retreat with Meditation Teacher, Psychotherapist and Author Sasha Loring
    Sept. 23-25, 2011

    This retreat offers a range of methods for changing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors regarding food.  From the ground of mindfulness, attentional training, and self-kindness, we will focus on gaining insight into unhealthy habitual patterns and on building the psychological resources needed for change.

    The 3 days will include experiential learning to:
    -Illuminate deeply held beliefs about food and eating
    -Explore food craving
    -Practice new eating behaviors
    -Enhance a healing partnership between mind and body
    -Experience the power of self- kindness in the process of change
    -Learn mindfulness skills to reduce stress and emotion driven eating

    Sasha Loring, M.Ed., LCSW is a leader in the field of mindful eating, and is the author of Eating with Fierce Kindness:  A Mindful and Compassionate Guide for Losing Weight. She has taught meditation workshops and retreats nationwide for over 30 years.

    More information is at www.sashaloring.com

    Location: New Hope Conference Center,
    20 minutes west of Durham/Chapel Hill, NC.

    Cost: $250,  includes lunch each day.
    Pre-registration is required.  Contact
    Sasha Loring at info@sashaloring.com.
    Schedule: Fri 10-5, Sat/Sun 9-4

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