• Measuring Progress

    There are several fun gadgets on the market to measure fitness performance and progress. There is the regular heart rate monitor to keep you exercising in the appropriate zone to the watch with GPS that measures the distance you have run/walked, average pace, distance per week, heart rate and other features which you can download to your computer to have a record of your workouts. There are food journal tools online to record your calories. You could spend a lot more time on the computer than you already do recording everything you eat and do. Prices vary from affordable to unbelievable. The question is do these tools benefit us.

    Recording your workouts is a helpful measure to show progress. It also helps you to make adjustments in your workout routine if you are not making progress. It is helpful to record resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, endurance time, repetitions and sets during weight training and days per week that you exercise. Recording how you felt during and after each exercise session is beneficial. Did you feel energized, sluggish or fatiqued? These tools can become exercise “buddies” if you work out alone to keep you from slacking on your program.

    When working with a personal trainer or physical therapist, it is important to communicate and check in periodically so adjustments can be made in your routine. Share your exercise flow sheet. Discuss what is working and what is not working. Variety is a wonderful way to increase endurance, balance and strength.

    Measuring progress keeps you motivated, accountable and responsible for your health. No sweat if you are not a technology geek; paper, pencil and a watch still work just fine.

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