• Getting Over Plateaus

    Plateaus in training as well as in other areas of life can be demoralizing. It is especially difficult in our society of constant stimulation and sensory overload; to undergo a time period without change or improvement may depress you. Everyone hits plateaus in sports, fitness, work and life. Lower energy levels and lack of personal bests in your performance- the same old dull routine and little or no change in your progress. What can you do to break things up and find that spark again? Renew your enthusiasm for exercise and fitness? Here are some practical tips.

    1. Change it up! Try a different exercise class.
    2. Meet with a Personal Trainer, set new objective goals and advance your program. Different exercises use muscles in a different way and will enhance your fitness level.
    3. Use the Buddy System and do your buddy’s routine instead of yours. Make sure your exercise friends know you are in a low period so they know not to let you skip out on workouts.
    4. Add interval training to your program; try short spurts of faster runs or walks to change the intensity. Or do shorter bouts of cardio and mix in resistive training into your cardio time to break up the routine.
    5. Do three days of thirty minute resistive workouts each week focusing on a different body area each time. Short, high intensity and sweet. It boosts your adrenaline and builds lean muscle mass (therefore less fat).
    6. Chart your workouts. It helps you to note progress or stagnation in your routine.
    7. Be consistent in your exercise habit. 3-5 days a week.
    8. Try an aquatic exercise session one day a week. Try walking backwards in the pool for 20 minutes- it burns more calories and helps with balance.
    9. Make it Fun! Make sure where you go or whoever you exercise with, that you are laughing as that releases the “feel good” endorphins.
    10. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude knowing that this plateau shall pass as do all things.

    Try a few of the above recommendations and know that each day is a new beginning.

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