• Exercise with a Purpose

    There are all sorts of exercisers and the type you are may coincide with your personality type and that is fine. What is important is that you have a purpose and goal for each workout and that you use the time constructively. Many people make the mistake of doing long low intensity workouts that consume a lot of time and they see little results. Eventually, they become bored with their routine and stop exercising. Working with a personal trainer to establish parameters and exercise intensity can be very useful. The body adapts to activities so if you have been doing the same routine for six months, a year, two years or more; the chances of you getting the maximum benefit from your routine are not great.

    For example, three days a week you may choose to work on cardiovascular training. Do you choose the treadmill, bike, elliptical, or walk/run outdoors. Does it depend on weather? Will you be doing a long or short workout? Will you be doing interval training? Will you mix in core exercises with your interval training?

    Take your strength program. There are so many options: free weights, core exercises, closed chain kinetic exercises, stacked weight systems, tubing, exercise balls, TRX system. Will you be working on legs, arms, back, abdominals? Or a combination?

    It is helpful to keep a work out log. There are many apps, devices and programs to keep track of workouts depending on how much you want to invest. However, it can be as simple as writing a brief note on the calendar. Reviewing your workouts so you can change the routine improves strength and stamina. The demands on your time are significant so get to the gym, stay focused and then get on with enjoying your day!

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