• Everything in Moderation

    It is hard to be a minimalist from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. We are bombarded constantly with radio, TV, internet ads and promotions for sales, gimmicks, gadgets and more. As I write this sitting in the Mall in early November, the Christmas decorations are already up. It is easy to get wrapped up in the buy in of Christmas. The same sort of thing tends to happen with food, drink and social gatherings. Before we know it, January first is here and we have gained ten pounds without even blinking. For many, this is an annual and lifelong conundrum.

    Nearly everyone, from your mother to gurus, has said it, “Everything in moderation.” Moderation is not a novel concept but it is a worthy mindset to adopt. It involves self- restraint which is an extraordinarily difficult concept in our culture. We want it all right now. And it can’t get to us fast enough whether it is the fast food we ordered or the internet connection. Moderation involves paying attention to exactly how much we have eaten and to slow down to enjoy each bite.

    A tool that keeps many things in focus is exercise. It relieves emotional stress, it keeps us centered and it reduces the Holiday gain. Yet, exercise is the very aspect of our health that gets tossed aside during the Holidays. Then you have to start the challenge all over again in January to get back in shape.

    So, as we enter this wonderful season of giving, try a few new traditions.

    • For every dessert you desire, donate a dollar to a worthy cause that you wish to support.
    • Exercise three to five days a week for thirty minutes and place a dollar in a jar for each time you exercise so you can purchase a gift for yourself at Christmas.
    • Give the gift of health to a loved one. (fitness, massage, personal training gift certificates)
    • Drink more water and less sugar water (sodas contain eight teaspoons of sugar in each can).
    • Practice Mindfulness.

    Thank you for a terrific year! Hold your loved ones close and enjoy each moment. Happy Holidays!

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