• Cycling Safety Tips of the Road

    This is part two of our series on cycling. Cycling is one of the simple joys of childhood that can continue throughout your lifetime with kids and grandkids. It is a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Last month’s article discussed getting your bike ready to ride. Now, it is important to address riding for safety. Visibility is one of the keys as car motorists don’t see cyclists well. Here are some other

    Be visible by wearing bright clothing, use a blinking light on the rear of your bike and use reflectors on the front and rear.
    Be “Bike Ready”: Check your helmet, tires for air, chain, brakes and derailleur before each ride.
    Carry a repair kit and pump with you.
    Always wear a helmet!
    Follow road signs, obey stop signs and always look both ways. Avoid riding on sidewalks.
    Be aware of traffic and traffic patterns.
    Be predictable. Don’t surprise motorists and try to make eye contact so you know that they can see you.
    Use hand signals to indicate you are turning and stopping. Double check before you turn.
    Frequently check traffic behind you.
    Know your bicycle and gearing before riding in an area with heavy traffic.
    Carry your cell phone in case of an emergency.
    Check out these sites for more information: www.bikeleaque.org and www.be-safe.org

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