• Building Leg Power

    It is winter and snow sports abound whether it is snowboarding, downhill or cross country skiing. The crisp air and beautiful scenery beckon us outdoors. Even winter hikes are invigorating and on clear days, the view is long and breathtaking from the top. If you are feeling as if your legs are not quite up

  • Starting Over After Illness

    Pneumonia was not in my plans this year but I got it and wished I could give it away. The first week was fever, chills, body ache, headache, coughing, weakness and fatigue. I could not get out of bed. I began to function barely in week two and by week three, some energy started to

  • Visualization and Meditation to Lift Your Performance

    Athletes at all levels have used visualization for decades to mentally prepare for an event. The mental preparation and self -talk is powerful in getting and keeping your head in the moment. In contrast, negative self- talk can psych yourself right out of the prize. What about the weekend warrior? Is the time spent on