• Shin splints

    As we embark upon my favorite running and hiking season, Autumn, a nagging throbbing pain in the front of the shin can occur when mileage or duration are ramped up. Runners and other athletes often experience pain in the front of their shins that can ache with each step. It is common in dancers and

  • Cycling Training Tips

    One of the things I love about cycling is that there is always more to learn about technique. Several years ago, I cycled a moderate 30 miles and noticed the next day that I was physically exhausted. I thought that I had over trained but wanted to know more. So, I wore a heart rate

  • Cycling Safety Tips of the Road

    This is part two of our series on cycling. Cycling is one of the simple joys of childhood that can continue throughout your lifetime with kids and grandkids. It is a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Last month’s article discussed getting your bike ready to ride. Now, it is important to address