• Visualization and Meditation to Lift Your Performance

    Athletes at all levels have used visualization for decades to mentally prepare for an event. The mental preparation and self -talk is powerful in getting and keeping your head in the moment. In contrast, negative self- talk can psych yourself right out of the prize. What about the weekend warrior? Is the time spent on

  • Getting Over Plateaus

    Plateaus in training as well as in other areas of life can be demoralizing. It is especially difficult in our society of constant stimulation and sensory overload; to undergo a time period without change or improvement may depress you. Everyone hits plateaus in sports, fitness, work and life. Lower energy levels and lack of personal

  • Overtraining Syndrome

    For most of us, overtraining is not the issue. However, I do see Overtraining Syndrome in folks who are starting an exercise program and who are very enthusiastic initially. Or others who are training for an event such as a marathon. It’s hard to predict over training because everyone responds differently to exercise. Some common