• Yoga During Stressful Times

    There are many times in life where you experience loss, grief, strife and even periods of depression. Hardship arrives in many forms; no one is immune from it. During those times, the body holds your emotional distress in different ways: gastrointestinal pain, headaches, rashes, muscles aches and pain and loss of appetite and sleep. The

  • Let Me Count the Ways…

    Strong core muscles improve performance in all sports and help to reduce spine pain. It is also important for posture, arthritis and prevention of osteoporosis. A fun and challenging way to strengthen the core muscles (abdominal and back muscles) simultaneously is to perform “plank” stabilization exercises. The plank is similar to sustaining the “up” position

  • Exercise with a Purpose

    There are all sorts of exercisers and the type you are may coincide with your personality type and that is fine. What is important is that you have a purpose and goal for each workout and that you use the time constructively. Many people make the mistake of doing long low intensity workouts that consume